Sewage Backup Cleanup

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Damage from sewage or wastewater is a very serious problem.

If wastewater has backed up into your basement, home, or office MGM Restoration can respond to your call within 30-minutes. Sewage contains harmful bacteria that will put your family at risk for serious illness. You need a professional to clean it up. The experts at MGM Restoration will act quickly to remove the sewage, clean, disinfect, sanitize, and repair the damage caused by a flood, sump-pump failure, or city sewer backup. 

Health issues caused by exposure to sewage:

Do not attempt to clean sewage on your own. Occasionally for small backups, you can clean and disinfect using hardware store cleaners. But more often, professional sewer damage restoration is needed to properly disinfect and sanitize affected areas to prevent microbial development. If left untreated (or not treated properly), sewer water damage can cause serious health problems, especially in children and elderly people, as well as in those who suffer from chronic respiratory problems or weakened immune systems. Exposure to wastewater from a sewage backup can result in a number of diseases, including Hepatitis A, Tetanus and Giardia. 

Sewage cleanup:

MGM Restoration can respond to your sewage crisis 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We will deploy a sewage treatment technician immediately to assist with sewage clean-up and sanitation. It is essential that all of the infected areas are treated, whether it be floorboards, carpets, walls or furniture. Anything that has been contaminated requires immediate attention to prevent the spread of bio-contaminants including bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Additionally, all material where mold may have started growing or may begin to grow must also be treated. We will make recommendations on what can be salvaged and what needs to be replaced.

Property restoration:

When it comes to sewage damage, timing is everything. MGM Restoration prides itself on helping you treat sewer water damage as quickly and efficiently as possible. After health concerns have been fully addressed, MGM Restoration can also help you protect any personal belongings that may have been damaged by the sewage leak and help you minimize your personal property loss.

Sewage Backup Cleanup, Restoration and Repairs around Metro Detroit MI - satisfaction1Depending on your coverage, sewage cleanup and restoration may be covered by your insurance.

MGM Restoration will negotiate with your insurance to get the most out of your claim. We provide full cleanup and restoration from flood and sewage damage, sump-pump failure, burst pipes, water heater gasket failure and more. If your basement is flooded call MGM immediately.